FILERIGHT - Office filing systems for automotive dealerships, repair shops, tire centers, and many other businesses

Everything you need for automotive dealerships, repair shops, tire centers, and many other businesses to file, store, and protect important items and documents.

File, Organize, Save,
Secure, & More!

  • Office filing systems
  • File folders
  • Sales department file folders
  • Deal jackets
  • Heavy duty deal jackets
  • Color code labels
FILERIGHT - File folders for the Automotive Industry

When you want to FILE it RIGHT

The File Right™ brand represents the leading products needed by automotive dealerships, repair shops, tire centers, and many other businesses for filing, storing, and protecting important items and documents.

Not all filing supplies are created equal, especially when it comes to the needs of the automotive industry. Deal Jackets capture critical information pertaining to a vehicle sale, so they are uniquely designed to display the Customer Name and VIN to make important documents quick and easy to locate! Their rugged structure and material helps them last and stand up to repeated handling.

File Folders too must be specially designed to fit the needs and demands of all types of automotive operations.

File Right™ Office Filing Systems products are all proven winners used by thousands of automotive businesses across the USA. They are trusted by managers and file management teams because they are time-tested for ease-of-use and durability.

Whether you need Color-Code Labels, Deal Jackets, File Folders, Office filing systems, Sales department file folders, or Heavy-Duty Body Shop Jackets, our complete lineup includes them all and more!

Look for the File Right™ brand to ensure you’re getting top-quality, specialized filing supplies for your automotive customer!

File Right™ Standard Deal Jackets

File Right - Standard Deal Jackets

12″ × 9″ — 32# Stock (7 Pt)

File Right™ Heavy Duty Deal Jackets

File Right - Heavy Duty Deal Jackets

12″ × 9-3/8″ (with 1/2″ ext.) — 100# Stock (8 Pt)

File Right™ Ultra Heavy Duty Jackets

File Right - Ultra Heavy Duty Jackets

11-3/4″ × 9-1/2″ — 150# Stock (11 Pt)

File Right™ File Folders

 File Right™ File Folders

Available in several styles!

File Right™ Color Code Deal Jackets

 File Right™ Color Code Deal Jackets

12-5/8″ × 9-1/2″ — 125# Stock (10 Pt)

Includes vehicle sale info & lines for color-code labels.

File Right™ Color Code Labels

File Right™ Color Code Labels

The File Right™ label system helps you stay organized with all your filing needs.

Numbers • Alphabet • Years • Months • Auto Makes • Blanks

Rolls & Ringbooks Available!

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